Anti-blocking hole plug plate

The sieve plate is a key component of the sieving equipment. The use effect of the sieving equipment is closely related to the performance of the sieving plate. However, the current sieving plates equipped on the domestic sieving equipment often have problems: the short life of the sieve plate and the sieve holes are easy to block , Low screening efficiency and other shortcomings. In response to the above problems, our company has developed new anti-blocking, anti-sticking and wear-resistant sieve plates, such as step sieve plates, elastic rod sieve plates, etc., which have been well received by users in practical use.


The sieve frame of the step sieve plate is made of light steel frame, and the screen surface is made of high-quality steel plate, which is processed through multiple processes such as stamping and bending. The stepped sieve not only has better abrasion resistance and higher impact resistance, but its most outstanding advantage is that its sieve holes are non-planar sieve holes. The specially designed sieve section can completely eliminate the phenomenon of material plugging. High efficiency, good classification effect, and wide practicality. The use of step screens eliminates the need to clean up the vibrating screen after each working day, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. The sieve plate is suitable for the classification of raw coal above 25mm, and the grade can be from 25mm to 100mm.


The elastic rod screen is mainly composed of a screen frame and an elastic screen rod. The elastic screen rod is made of high-quality spring steel, which is not easy to deform and has high wear resistance. The elastic rods are installed in rows in the sieve plate frame, and each elastic rod can rotate freely. With the vibration of the vibrating screen, the free vibration of the elastic rod has a larger range of vibration, and it can easily stick the sticky material sticking to the rod ( Such as slime), effectively solve the problem of plugging of sticky and wet materials. Therefore, the weak rod sieve plate has the characteristics of light sieve plate, high opening rate and strong self-cleaning function, and the screening efficiency is more than 90%. The sieve plate is suitable for the classification of fine-grained materials from 6 to 25mm.


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