Road cold recycler construction of road asphalt cement stabi

With the popularization of domestic road Road cold recycler technology, many provinces and regions have begun to use a large number of cold road recycling machines. At present, Road cold recycler machines are mainly used for Road cold recycler of asphalt surface layers and lime soil bases. National roads, provincial roads, etc., adopt a high percentage of asphalt surface layer + water-stable base course. At present, domestically developed Road cold recycler machines mainly deal with lime soil cold regeneration, and cannot fully adapt to the construction of water-stable base course. Regenerative, there are situations where the construction speed is slow, the milling rotor is severely worn, and it is not suitable for water-stable base construction.


    In order to adapt to the Road cold recycler construction of domestic road asphalt surface + cement stabilized soil base, our company will launch WR2300L in the second half of the year. Compared with WR2300, WR2300L pavement Road cold recycler machine is completely suitable for water stable base construction.


The main features of WR2300L pavement Road cold recycler machine:


1. Cummins KTA19-C600 diesel engine, rated power 600 horsepower, adapts to domestic diesel, strong power, large power reserve, high reliability, convenient maintenance;


2. The milling drum drive, walking drive, and spraying system are all hydraulically driven. The hydraulic system is German Sauer Danfoss system, which has high reliability;


3. The rotor drive adopts a large torque drive reducer, which can be adjusted according to working conditions, such as Road cold recycler of asphalt lime soil and asphalt cement stabilized soil, to flexibly adjust the working speed of the rotor to meet the requirements of crushing granularity, increase the working speed, and make the machine at the most Good working condition


4. The milling working device is strengthened and designed with high reliability, which can meet the requirements of milling conditions for high-strength asphalt pavement, lime soil, and water-stable subgrade


5. Imported knives are durable, the magazine is detachable, and can be flexibly replaced on site after wearing, suitable for high-loss conditions of heavy workload and high-strength water-stable subgrade cold regeneration construction;


6. Additive spraying (water spray) electric control, digital display, precise control;


7. The articulated body is matched with the rear axle steering, and the steering is flexible;


8. Double-bridge drive, with herringbone tires, strong driving force, suitable for various road conditions;


9. The pressurized hydraulic oil tank is equipped with a German imported oil filter to prevent oil tank pollution, effectively prevent the hydraulic pump from being empty, and improve the reliability of the hydraulic system, which can be used in high altitude areas;


The main technical parameters of cold regeneration are as follows:


Number Item Unit Value 1 Milling Width 23002 Milling Depth 0 ~ 4003 Engine Power kW / HP448 / 6004 Engine Maximum Torque N m22375 Transition Speed km / h0 ~ 166 Working Speed km / h0 ~ 2.67 Maximum Climb 40% 8 Front and rear tire specifications 26.5-25 / 23.5-259 Operating mass Kg3000010 Overall dimensions (length × width × height) ㎜ 9570 × 3080 × 3400

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